The balance between value, form, and function is rarely easily achieved; but the forces behind the development of U-Guard’s automotive accessories have excelled in doing just that since 2005. As a strong Canadian brand, we understand the needs of Canadians, dedicating not only ourselves, but also our premium products and exceptional service to anyone who proudly calls Canada home. Due to our unwavering standard for quality and our commitment to providing exceptional prices to our customers, U-Guard has remained a certified OEM parts supplier to various manufacturers including Mazda, Hyundai, and KIA Canada since 2009.

U-Guard also supplies directly to reputable Canadian warehouse distributors and retail chains, which in turn provide stable inventory stocking rates and next-day delivery to most cities and towns across the country. That’s quite a journey in the few short years since we started, when all we had was a tiny basement to store our products. Day and night we refabricated and modified products, satisfying our customers’ needs with customized, quality accessories for their cherished four-wheeled companions.

And the company has only continued to grow since then. These days, U-Guard products can also be purchased from certified online retailers, including Costco and In order to meet the surging demand for superior U-Guard products in western and central Canada, we’ve had to expand – adding a second corporate warehouse and service centre in Delta, B.C.

At the end of the day, U-Guard is more than just another company; it’s the team of professionals that you can trust to provide you with great automotive accessories and amazing Canadian service.